Guest Badges - Tammy

Guest Badges - Tammy

Worried that some of your guests won’t know each other? Solve this problem by getting all your guests to wear a name badge!

The name badges can also be used to score points/hold pegs for a number of baby shower games instead of pinning items to clothing.

NB: The Print it Yourself Invitations team does not take credit for inventing this game - we are simply making a well known baby shower game easier for you to organise!

P-I-Y Baby Shower Games!

You can take the stress out of organising complicated games and activities by purchasing one or more of our personalised game sheets! These simple games will cause many laughs from your guests and make your party a hit!

All of our printable game sheets will be supplied digitally and to be printed on A4 paper and trimmed to size.
(NB: Some games/banners etc require A3 printing but you will be told when placing your order)

Instructions and helpful printing tips will be emailed with all game sheet purchases so that you will know how to get the best quality print possible.

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