Birth Announcement:
Sarah Jane

Sarah Jane

Design Name: Sarah-Jane
Size: 150mm x 100mm (equivalent of a 4x6”/standard photograph)
larger sizes can be created upon request

This print-it-yourself design will be personalised to include your babys’ photograph(s), full name and birth details, as well as a personal thank you message (as requested; design template permitting).
Your birth announcement will be supplied via email in .jpg and .pdf formats ready to print and/or email to your friends and family.
Printing information and tips included with each completed order.

piy - birth announcement - photo invitation - thank you card - printable - baby - newborn

blue border 360mm

No payment due until you approve your design!
Your invoice will be sent to your inbox with your first proof.

This invitation can be personalised for your little boys event. To order, just mention the design name in the order form. The design name can be found at the top and bottom of each template, and is also the same as the name featured in the template.

blue border 360mm

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